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Being a WFH business owner can be SO isolating. We started a chat to be the support we were missing. We spilled client tea, talked contracts, and gave design opinions when requested. We realized that we were all suffering from the *exact* same things within our business. It was a pivotal moment for us when we realized that other's were probably feeling the same way in their own businesses. It was then that The Brief Collective was born. 

it's not a surprise that we met online...

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Us two coaches have very different backgrounds which is part of the reason The Brief Collective is so valuable. We've brought together our various learning methods, design styles, and perspectives to provide the ultimate online design resource.

the founders of tbc

two heads are better than one...

coach kenzi

coach marisa

Owner of MB - Creative Agency where she is the brains { & beauty } behind thoughtful, strategic, and unique designs for woman owned business so that their brand can turn heads. 

Coach Marisa quit her corporate job to pursue design & now thrives helping other designers do the same.


Kenzi runs Kenzi Green Design, a versatile brand and website design studio that supports a variety of businesses in multiple industries.

After graduating fully self employed in 2019 she now teaches other designers how to achieve financial freedom doing what they love while helping their clients.


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Owner of HeyMae Digital & Design, Sophie is a DBA University Semester 2 graduate and alumni. She is the TBC Community Director and House Mom for our online design sorority Beta Phi Zeta.

After graduating early in 2019 Sophie has worked as a content manager in a variety of industries including hospitality, collegiate baseball, veterinary, and tech. She is currently pursuing turning her brand, web, and merch design business into a full time gig. 




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