Our content-in-a-day service is all about capturing the essence of your brand, your team, the experience you provide, and inviting your audience into the heart of your business, giving them a firsthand glimpse at what sets you apart. 

No more stock photos or random strangers appearing in your social media content

Leaving the prep work to us and receiving a comprehensive prop list, styled outfit recommendations, and a strategic shot list so we can make the most out of our time together

A content bank full of branded videos at your fingertips, ready to sprinkle some magic into your marketing whenever you please!

100 + professional photos that give main character energy and feel true to your brand

10 fully edited and ready to post Instagram reels made by an established content creator 

how does this sound?

It's time to show up online with confidence, ease, and content that truly represents your brand.

Short answer... YES! A thousand times yes! 

In a whole of viral trends and online communities, you HAVE to stand out in the noise. What better way to do that than show stopping visuals?

They aren’t “just pictures”. They’re a way to attract your dream clientele, convey emotion, and show the world that there’s a face behind your brand! Brand photos should never ever be an afterthought!

Getting people to notice your brand and choose you out of a sea of competition doesn't just come from pretty branding - it comes from seeing YOU. 

People want to work with people. Having a beautifully thought-out and well-executed brand should be all encompassing. Photos included. Photos gives your business added credibility and elevates your customer experience.

Does content really make a difference?

Everyone will be your secret admirer 

Your final content bank, Instagram worthy reels, and professional photos will be delivered via email within 3 - 4 weeks post shoot

Our CEO content day starts with a virtual coffee date so we can pick out a mood board and plan ahead

Once you approve the prop list and styled outfits we'll have them shipped and delivered directly to your doorstep

Then we'll fly to your location, no matter where you are, to ensure your backdrop is as unique as your brand

The day of our scheduled shoot we'll arrive, set up your brand's props, have a pep talk, and film for 3 hours

a process suited for the busy ceo...







get inspired for your next ceo content day.

leigh ann pyeatt 


dba tech institute


high tea retreat


on style salon

case studies

on style

location - Gulf Breeze, florida

Think approachable luxury meets girls night out. This content day was centered around creating a large content bank of BTS content and luxury photos that felt more aligned than all of her previous photoshoots. 



A high end retreat for graphic designers. We focused on details and capturing the luxurious experience attendees received while being mindful how we would use these photos for sales pages of future retreats. 

leigh ann pyeatt

location - navarre Beach, florida

Think sophisticated realtor meets beach town getaway. This content day was centered around the launch of  a brand new brand & website. 

dba tech institute

location - miami, florida

Think ocean meets tech princess. This content day was centered around the launch of  a website design course with a beach theme.

+ Full Creative direction (Prop list, outfit mood boards, shopping list & shot list)

+ Prop Budget of $250 - you get to keep all of the props we pick out for you.

+ BTS Content delivered in a folder (3-6 months of content!)

+ 10-15 fully edited reels ready to go on your Instagram

CEO Content Day

Reserve Now

$5,000 +

Everything included in CEO Content Day 


+ A photographer & gallery of professional images which will not only elevate your brand’s visual presence & ensure consistent and high-quality content for all your social media channels, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your brand, building credibility and trust, making your brand more memorable and impactful.

VIP Content Day 🥂

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$7,000 +

For the CEO Who just needs iphone content

For the CEO Who also needs a photographer

Before The Shoot

  • Calls with you and your photographer to make sure everything is ready

  • A breakdown of the photoshoot including outfits, poses, angles, plus setting + locations

  • A style guide of outfit + accessory pairings so you aren’t left wondering if those shoes go with those earrings!

  • Review of all the photoshoot components to make sure that the imagery is aligned with your brand’s vibe 

During The Shoot

  • Marisa & Kenzi will help you get organized before your shoot, on the way to your shoot, and during your shoot. 

  • Creation of “behind the scenes” content to be used across all your social media platforms

  • Checking to make sure we get your best angles and that there isn’t even a hair out of place!

  • Real-time feedback with the shooting team to make sure that all the shots and videos can be used in all aspects of your business: marketing, design, social media, or website!

Yes but we do have a list of photographers that we have worked with previously and highly recommend . The chosen photographer must be okay with working with a creative director, real-time feedback, high vibe energy, BTS content being shot at the same time as the photoshoot. We want to ensure that all the shots and videos can be used in all aspects of your business: marketing, design, social media, or website!

01. Can I pick the photographer?

As part of the package deal, you’ll get a curated mood board + shopping list of outfits & props handpicked by Marisa & Kenzi! 

Outfits: You’ll be in charge of the shopping spree or shopping your closet to see if you have pieces that fit the vibe already! You're in charge of purchasing your own outfits because of sizing, exchanges, and personal preference.

Props: You will also have a dedicated prop budget up to $300 of hand picked props chosen by us sent to you before the shoot takes place. All props are yours to keep for future content creation and consistency. 

The day before the shoot or on the morning of, Marisa & Kenzi will go over EVERYTHING with you to make sure that every outfit & prop is organized and ready for the photoshoot.

02. Will I have to buy the outfits and props?

Absolutely! You can choose between a one-time payment of $5000+ (without photographer) or $7000+ (with photographer) or split into four payments. Your payment plan must be complete before your photo shoot can be scheduled!

03. Do you offer payment plans?

We love having at least 4-8 of prep time! This allows us to finalize concepts, book the shoot locations, secure travel, get all the outfits and props ordered + delivered to you, and put together the creative team!

04. How long does the process take?

Pricing varies based on specific details like location, team size, and brand needs. All pricing is a starting point. Please fill out the form so we can get on a call and give a custom quote. 

The photographer is included in the VIP package! If you’d also like to add on a videographer, let’s chat! 

05. Does the cost include the photographer fee or will that be separate?

We will arrange for the creative team and the photographer to come to you for the shoot! This investment includes overnight stays for Marisa & Kenzi and the photographer.

06. What if I live out of town?

Let us paint a picture of what it's really like to work with you. 

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter stock images and hello to branded content that's unmistakably YOU.