Receive personalized video feedback from three industry experts on your design business and walk away with a growth plan focused on helping you book more clients

The Artistic Advisory

by tbc + hello glow brands

The reality is you can design for other people like it's nobody's business but when it comes to your own brand you're stuck staring at a blank screen with less than satisfactory ideas.

This is because you're too "in it" to see your brand from a bird's eye view, that's where we come in.

From the personal touch of Jess to the professional insights of Coach Kenzi and the presence expertise of Coach Marisa, you'll gain invaluable perspectives to enhance every facet of your brand. Plus, we'll provide you with a Growth Action Plan tailored specifically to your brand's needs, ensuring you're set on the path to design business success.

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and get real insight on your brand so you can make impactful changes...


In Your Audit You'll Receive:

Let us give your biz the spotlight with an Instagram story shoutout so you can gain exposure and feel motivated to get to work

Instagram Shoutout

We'll assess your brand across every section of the brand pyramid, personal, professional, presence, and provide a growth plan so you'll have a clear roadmap to optimize your brand's impact

Comprehensive Brand Evaluation

Gain access to a special discount code for one of our premium programs, giving you even more resources to fuel your brand's growth

Exclusive Discount Code

Dive deeper into refining your brand with our exclusive workbooks -  Elevate Your Elevator Pitch by Jess & The Digital Brand Pyramid Workbook By TBC

Bonus Workbooks

Receive personalized video feedback from three coaches that are well versed in the world of branding and have a track record for helping designers


Whether it's a social media overhaul, a mockup for your website's redesign, or a mood board to inspire your next photoshoot, we'll send you a visual representation 

Custom Example Deliverable

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This is perfect for you if...

you feel like you're "doing it all" but nothing is working and you desire help that doesn't require thousands of dollars

you aren't ready for the full dba or hello glow brands course experience

your brand doesn't feel aligned and you can't quite pinpoint why

personalized advice from industry experts who have been in your shoes sounds helpful

you're constantly tweaking your personal branding even after countless refinements

Hosted by The Brief Collective
& Hello Glow Brands

Coach Kenzi and Coach Marisa created TBC to empower designers to step into their most confident self and do-away with the starving artist mentality through supportive community, creative education, and accountability.

Since started this community and Design Biz Academy they've had over a hundred designers successfully complete their program and build thriving businesses.

The Artistic Advisory introduces a new approach for TBC to offer tailored support to designers, providing customized feedback without the need for enrollment in DBA!


Jess is a personal brand coach for professionals with personality, she guides women entrepreneurs and professionals through the vulnerability that comes with being visible to skyrocket their self-expression and put the spotlight on their expertise. 
She has a background in psychology, leadership development, and brand design. She loves creating massive mindset shifts and powerful marketing strategies for her clients and students who are ready to be fully themselves.

Plus, she's one of our very own DBA graduates!


Frequently Asked Questions

how do i receive the audit?

Within two weeks of purchase you'll receive your video feedback audit directly via email including all resources!

do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product we do not offer refunds. 

what's the difference between dba and this?

Inside DBA you receive assignments, multiple feedback sessions, access to templates, and live group coaching. An Artistic Advisory audit is a low cost one time alternative for designers who want feedback but aren't ready for the full 3 month course experience yet.

Get An Audit From The Artistic Advisory



Your video audit and resources will be delivered directly to your inbox within two weeks of purchase

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