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Is Social Media Feeling Like This Right Now?

Struggling to find video ideas because you feel like you don't have anything to talk about online...

Spending hours creating value packed content just to hit post and receive little to no engagement leaving you feeling frustrated and confused 

Only receiving DMs from less than ideal clients asking how much a "logo design" will cost...

Recording an afternoon walk with your dog but never posting it because you feel like "it's not strategic" and then you don't post at all

Social media doesn't have to be so hard.

I was attending school for graphic design and knew I wanted to run my own business but I also knew nothing about how to find clients.

I attended countless uncomfortable networking events, cold pitched hundreds of businesses, and wasted hours sending proposals on freelance platforms.

That was until I unlocked the power of social media marketing.

I've been able to grow my design account to over 60,000 followers and turn social media into my #1 lead generator for my design business. But most importantly, I'm able to attract high ticket design clients from the comfort of my home without "knowing the right people" or resorting to icky sales tactics.

In DBA Summer Sales Camp, I am showing you how to attract clients online using our proven 3 step system so you can feel good about your marketing and connect with your dream clients no matter where you're located or who you know.

In 2018 I was a new freelance graphic designer with 0 followers and no marketing skills...

coach kenzi

Hiding my story was easy

Growing up was a tough experience to say the least. I went through a lot and I wanted to hide that part of myself from the world for a long time.

Even after starting my business I'd hide my truth behind pretty design work and it didn't do anything but keep me disconnected from my dream clients. That was until I started learning how to embrace being seen on social media.

Once I gained the confidence to speak about who I am not just what I do for a living... I started receiving dream inquiries and making real connections. I'm bonding with clients over things far beyond design and it has changed my entire business.

I know it can be hard to overthink every little detail which is why in DBA Summer Sales Camp I'm sharing how to capture content in a way that works for you no matter where you're at in your design journey so you can implement our proven 3 step system.

until I realized sharing it online was key to getting in front of my dream clients...

coach marisa

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