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Our three month program that teaches you how design on showit and book higher paying clients by offering strategic website design

In DBA Tech Institute You'll Receive:

Life time access to our step by step Showit Canvas site sections that make your design workflow 10x faster


Filled with exclusive goodies handpicked by the coaches to motivate and support you on your web design journey


To honor your hard work, creative expertise, and perseverance for completing our program and expanding your skillset


Personalized feedback directly from us on your assignments and content to ensure you’re positioning yourself as a high ticket designer and making strategy driven decisions


Where you can network with us and other like minded designers where we will grow our mindsets and business’s to high ticket projects 💸


Showing you how to create high converting websites, make animations, and elevate your design process


At 17 I was kicked out and found myself living in a homeless shelter... 

At 17 I was kicked out and found myself living in a homeless shelter while working 3 jobs to make ends meet. The grind didn’t stop and I had convinced myself that working the corporate ladder was my key to success. So for 12 years, I climbed thinking that if I got high enough eventually I’d be internally fulfilled. 

Then Covid struck and suddenly my livelihood was on the line, I realized I was nothing but a number to the corporate world. I decided I was *done* working for “the man” and making him rich off my creative marketing ideas. Suddenly it felt easy to walk away from the most prestigious position I’ve ever known to go all in on myself and embrace my creativity.  

So I walked away and told my husband, "Honey, give me 90 days, I know I can make my normal monthly wage." I left the company that day and got to work going all in on myself and focused on MY dreams for the first time ever. 

Using my marketing skills acquired in the corporate world I doubled my salary in the first 90 days of opening MB Creative Agency. Not only did I increase my income but making that decisions allowed my husband and I to afford IVF which was completely unattainable previously. 

Now, I have two beautiful twins, get to do what I love daily while being a mom and coaching others on creating luxury experiences that turn heads.

5 years ago I was sitting alone in my newly leased house panicking about next month's rent...

I had just graduated as a fully self employed freelancer and browsing Upwork applying to countless jobs.

I thought the only way to get clients was to lurk on freelancing platforms, cold email businesses that had no idea who I was, and hang out in Facebook groups all day waiting for someone to make a post saying “I’m looking for a designer” and pray I was one of the first few to comment.

That year I made a total of $20,000 by doing small one off projects, Upwork jobs, and logo designs. At that time I felt like it wasn’t bad for my first year in business but I also knew it wasn’t sustainable... 

So, I made a promise to myself that I was going to show up nearly every day on social media, attend networking groups (even though I fu***** hated it), and absorb every ounce of information from the internet.

Fast forward to today, I have experienced a $30,000 month, $10,000 client projects, and no longer spend Sundays applying to freelance jobs. Now I get to wake up to the sound of my chickens, pretend I'm a barista with my fancy coffee machine, and be the mentor I always needed.

Deliver a five star launch for every client project and "go live" with confidence

always delivering a five star launch for design clients

Our dream design life looks like this & so can yours...


Use our website sales blueprint to book bigger projects and practice client sales calls

consistently up-selling clients on website design using a proven blueprint


Learn how to identify what clients actually need in a website and master basic tech setup like domains and hosting

easily identifying what clients need and supporting them


Master website psychology and streamline your process to deliver an exceptional client experience that gets results

feeling confident af in our psychology driven design choices and process


Dip your toes into code and gain confidence in creating stand out websites with advanced animations

MORE creative freedom by understanding code and website animations


Learn how to utilize Shopify with Showit to create an online store for clients who sell products

serving a wide range of clients including those with online stores


sounds like my dream design life!!

How It Works

attend orientation & start learning

enroll during our enrollment period

prepare for your semester to start

Mark your calendar for orientation & get ready to transform your business into a creative money maker

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Mark your calendar and mentally prepare for your semester. You'll be invited into the official DBA student portal the day class starts!

All that plus...



Bi-weekly group coaching PLUS 1:1 coaching for DBA Sorority members


20 + LESSONS & templates

20 + lessons & design templates to easily and quickly improve your website design process


1-1 slack support

Access to 1-1 support on Slack
for your first ever legit web design
client project


academy welcome box

Student welcome box with exclusive goodies handpicked by the coaches to support your design business

$250 VALUE


student group chat

24/7 support at your fingertips with our student group chat so you're never alone


official dba certification

Exclusive Design Biz Academy certificate of completion for students that pass DBA



Life time access to our strategic Showit Canvas site sections to make your design workflow 10x faster

$1200 VALUE


notion website portal

Access to the exclusive Notion client portal template we use for our own website clients


tailored feedback

Complete assignments and receive personalized feedback from the TBC coaches

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Standard DBA Tech Institute course with group coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

are there payment plans?

Payment plans are offered year round but limited based on location. If you do not see payment plan options at check out, they may not be available for your location.


All course curriculum is hosted inside our special Academy member portal that you'll gain access to after enrolling. Member portal access expires after 1 year.


Due to the digital nature of our products, the live coaching we provide, and immediate access to our templates, we do NOT allow refunds of any sort with no exceptions. This includes pre-enrollment payment plans and items paid in full.

is there homework?

Yes, we provide a student handbook with assignments that correspond with our group coaching call dates. Your DBA homework will help you establish credibility, attract clients, and grow your business.

When are the group calls?

Tech Institute group coaching calls are every other Thursday at 3:00pm EST time zone. Please double check what this is in your own time zone!

what if i miss a call?

All group coaching calls are recorded and uploaded to the member portal within 1 - 3 business days. 

is this only for us residents?

No, we welcome students from all over the world. Please be aware that our group coaching calls are in Eastern Standard Time & our pricing modules are in USD currency.

How long is a semester?

University is on a 3 month schedule, you will have one year of access to the student member portal but all group coaching calls, homework, and feedback takes place during the first 3 months of your enrollment.

when is the first group coaching call?

The first group coaching call of Semester 2 in 2025 will be announced once enrollment opens again.

can you guarantee I'll book a high ticket client?

No because results vary based on your current skill set and effort! Some students book high ticket clients within their first few weeks of joining DBA and some students don't participate or complete their homework resulting in no clients.

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Standard DBA Tech Institute course with group coaching

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