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How to Empower yourself as a brand designer

Have you been empowering yourself? As creatives, we need to empower yourself. Our ability to connect with our hearts is essential for producing truly impactful designs. Creativity is deeply rooted in the heart’s work, while design thrives on the synergy of strategy and creativity. This requires us to be in tune with both our hearts […]

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A Designer’s Survival Kit – Red Flags To Look Out For

Let’s talk about some key red flags that brand designers should keep an eye out for when looking to work with potential clients.

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It’s time to start being loyal to yourself

Being loyal to yourself is so important as an individual but also just as important as a professional in the design industry. It means embracing your authentic creative identity including your unique style, perspective, and values that define your work as well as taking care of yourself. This authenticity empowers you to create work that […]

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Small Business New Years Blues

With all of the stress from the busiest shopping season of the year, by the time the holidays are over and the New Year comes around many small business owners are overworked and burned out. And let’s not forget all of the other external factors that many of us probably dealt with during the holiday […]

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