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5 Things Your Graphic Design Portfolio Should Include

Building your graphic design portfolio can be overwhelming so here’s 5 things we recommend planning to include on your design portfolio pages for success!

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Small Business New Years Blues

With all of the stress from the busiest shopping season of the year, by the time the holidays are over and the New Year comes around many small business owners are overworked and burned out. And let’s not forget all of the other external factors that many of us probably dealt with during the holiday […]

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Three Ways To Get Graphic Design Clients

Graphic designers sometimes struggle with figuring out ways to find clients. It is essential to know how to attract clients to have your graphic design business thrive and gain a good reputation. These three ways are really helpful ways to attract clients, gain exposure and draw attention to you and your design projects and life.

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Why Graphic Designers Need Feedback and Critiques

Feedback is extremely important in honing your graphic design skills. Critique is a necessary part of the design process that may take place at many different stages in the process. It can help you grow as a graphic designer, will aid in developing a better solution, and ultimately may help to get designers out of creative ruts they might be having.

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